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Avoid the mistakes most parents make with college scholarships
Follow our step-by-step process for securing a roster spot and earning scholarships to pay for it
We’ll show you how to get noticed by coaches and the #1 thing that can cause your student to lose their spot
Ready to get on track for debt-free college?
If you've ever googled anything along the lines of “how to prepare for college” then you know that there is a ton of information out there on what parents and students should or should not be doing to prepare.

This can be so overwhelming!
Let me share a little secret with you:
Some of the better skilled players we’ve seen didn’t get scholarships right out of high school because they waited too long and they didn’t know the process.
We've created an easy to follow mini-course just for parents of student athletes. 

This online mini-course will walk you through everything you need to know to help your child get started on their journey to playing sports in college.
Let us teach you a step by step process that has worked!
Here are a few facts we’ll cover about college sports:
This is an exclusive mini-course that we don't offer anywhere else.
Who is this mini-course for?
Don't let confusion hold you back. 

Find out what's really necessary (and what’s not) to play sports in college so that your child can build the life of their dreams. 

In this mini-course, we'll show you the exact steps to be competitive and win scholarships.
This is for you if you're wondering...
  • When should we start reaching out to schools?
  •  How do we know when we’ve waited too long?
  •  What are my child's chances?
  •  How can they get noticed? 
  •  What can I do to help my child win a scholarship?
This is an exclusive mini-course that we don't offer anywhere else.
HURRY! This offer won't last long!
Here's what families are saying...
“My how I wish we had this two years ago! We'll make it, but starting half way through my son’s junior year seems late! Thank you for this wonderful organizational tool! What a wonderful guide! You’ve made this doable!”
– Beth, Mom of a Junior
“Jeremie and Jordan did a great job on this [mini-course]. Jeremie's business is more inclusive of any other soccer guru we have encountered in Callan's 4 years. Very impressed... Again, very impressed.
– Patsy, Mom 
“I’m overwhelmed. I want someone to hold my hand through the process. By using ScholarPrep, we're able to set clear goals and objectives with key milestones. This means less pressure on me as the parent and clarity for my son.
– Eugenia, Mom
This is an exclusive mini-course that we don't offer anywhere else.
What will you learn?
College tuition is expensive...
Learn how to cover the cost in this mini-course, where you will learn:
  •  The exact steps you need to be competitive and win scholarships
  •  Why a student’s brand is more important than their abilities
  •  The 2 obstacles students face when applying to college
  •  What information you need to start tracking now
  •  The truth about athletic scholarships and a “free” college education
  •  How to avoid missing out on scholarship opportunities 
  •  And so much more...
Meet your instructors...
Jeremie Piette
Founder of Global Futbol Training
Jeremie Piette is a former professional & collegiate soccer player who has helped hundreds of players get to the college level, including players who didn’t play top tier level in high school/club but still got D1 scholarships their freshman year in college. Jeremie is founder & owner of Global Futbol Training.
Jordan Schanda
Founder of ScholarPrep
Jordan Schanda is a current college-prep consultant & university employee. She founded ScholarPrep to help students achieve financial freedom and reduce the stress associated with the college application process. She partnered with Jeremie to help bridge the gap between scholarships & sports.  
Why should you take this mini-course?
All you want is to guide your child through this process so they can get into the right school and earn scholarships to cover the cost. At the end of the day, you want to know that you did everything you could to help them!
This is an exclusive mini-course that we don't offer anywhere else.
Hear from even more parents about our work...
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